My Evolution Revolution: A Story of Redefining Myself Amidst Life's Curveballs

May 08, 2023

Greetings Friends,

It has been a while. How are you? As life unfolds post-covid I am so grateful to have this format to touch base and share with you what is new in my world.

Here is the reality. The past three years have challenged me like no other time in my life. It forced me to create a practice for renewing and recovering. To focus on nourishing to flourish.  

I have been thick in the muck of the grueling process of creating change.

The need for change can be as subtle as an uneasy feeling, your gut telling you something isn’t right, or it can be as dramatic as what happened to me-- fainting while you're driving and crashing into a telephone pole. I awoke in relief that no one was injured, and in disbelief. A “what just happened?!” moment.

For those of you who might not know my story; for 27 years I ran an epicenter of change within my community. It was a health food store, café and yoga studio that evolved to a farm-to-table restaurant focused on the education of our food systems, fostering a food evolution revolution. Unfortunately, like so many established restaurants we were unable to sustain the challenges that covid-19 created. We closed our doors in November of 2020.

My body, like the broken systems I was surrounded by, began to break down. It was like an inner colony collapse. I entered a time of illness, unexplained fainting diagnosis from a medical system that did not recognize the impact of prolonged stress. I was considered “a mystery,” granted no license to drive for a year. My once vibrant constitution was as delicate as a newborn. I went from independent to dependent, foot loose to confined, purpose driven to lost.

I was at a crossroads in my life. Should I just surrender and call it good, done, history? I’d had a good run and exciting times. I should “be satisfied” and resign myself to a quiet time of life. But resigning was the key word for me, it would be a resignation, a departure from something that has given me immense joy. I realized I needed to find a new path, a new way of finding joy that fit with the hand I’d been dealt… I needed to engage in my own evolution. I had the tools; I had a tool bag full of advice. My next step was to figure out how to dig out, how to rebuild myself.

We will all look back at the time we call COVID and wonder what happened to our lives. So many of us have had such dramatic change that we now use the term pivot as an acceptable way to deal with life. Does this resonate?

Here is a simple outline of how I aligned myself for recovery.

I looked at my place in life.  In the big picture of life-- and as you shape your map to your future-- you must take a good look at the hand you've been dealt, where you are in life at this time, and what brings you joy in the here and now. I am a grandmother, 64 years young. The reality of what brings me joy today is quite different from when I was in my 20’s. Today it’s a slower, more mindful approach than the intense energy of my 20’s. Each one of us brings a distinctive set of gifts to the table, and it's important to take note of what yours are so that you can cultivate your path: the unique to you. Be here now. Create your “I am…”

I began with the end in mind. The fun part😊. Begin with the end in mind, without any planning of how to get there. Think of it as planning a trip with only the destination in mind. For example, I live in Southern New Hampshire, and I want to go to Berkeley California. I have infinite options on how to get there. Berkeley is my destination, my goal. So, I reflect on where I am in my life, what are my life’s factors, what shapes my decisions? I then decide the how and why. How do I want to get there? Do I want to go slowly, take my time, or do I want to get there as fast as I can? Do I want to take my own vehicle and explore the countryside, or do I want to take the fast track and get a nonstop flight from Boston to San Francisco? Are financial factors at play. Is time a factor? Along with aligning my place in life and my principles, my goal and my trip take on the color and flavor of how I want this journey of life to unfold.  This result can be applied to optimal health, physical fitness, or any new practice and goal. Begin with the end in mind. Stephen Covey addresses this so beautifully at

I started with small steps. Change can begin with small steps.  If repeated long enough they become habits. Habits repeated become your WAY! I remember very clearly when a health care provider said to me “take as good care of yourself, as you did your business.” It was a moment of awakening because I had poured my heart and soul into my business and the collateral damage became my health. Hydrate! Move! Meditate! Start with moving your body daily, then add hydration, good food, ultimately loving yourself.

I found support. We will all need help at some time in our lives. The reality is we thrive with connection and support.  I am grateful for the many people who have helped me along my healing path. Therapist, health care practitioners, family members, friends have all been threads in my healing process. During my healing time I explored many practices; from traditional western medicine to alternative and cutting edge functional medical doctors. I stayed true to myself, and deep inside, I said NO to the heavy pharmaceuticals prescribed as a safety measure while I followed traditional western medicine. When they couldn’t diagnose me, I went deep into an alternative path.

 Chinese medicine and acupuncture kept surfacing. Fifteen months into my struggle I found a local acupuncturist who'd been practicing for 20 years. I made an appointment and was able to see them in a very short period. My initiation at the visit was different than anything I'd experienced in traditional western approach. The practitioner sat with me for over half an hour, listening to my story and finding parallels to my illness. They deduced that my body was fragmented, that I had experienced trauma, and that I was possibly better than I thought I was. I had a session which unified my energy meridians, and it was like someone had turned the generator switch on.

I walked away from that session healed! Not to say that this practice is for everyone. I had seen chiropractors, holistic counselors, massage therapists, cranial sacral therapists, and energy workers and nothing had as profound an effect on me as this acupuncture session. Really, I think the underlying message was I didn't give up on myself. I kept trying and trying and trying, staying with practitioners for weeks and months. I know they were all steppingstones to my pinnacle moment.

I encourage you, if you are on a healing path, to not give up. To continue to try and retry and repeat.  My prayer to you is that you too eventually see a light at the end of the tunnel and continue the path till the light surrounds you. Until you have enough energy to dance.

No one sings it quite like Bill Withers

I invite you to join me as I walked this path of continued wellness. My vision is that we can learn from each other, share with each other, guide each other towards the highest vitality and wellness possible.

I invite you to join me as we embark on this new journey together. Learn more about my newest project, Nourish and Flourish, here-- a 4-week wellness journey designed with the spirit of community and well-being in mind. 

In peace,


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