Climb Your Mountain

Apr 28, 2023


Change can be hard. Often you must plan, prepare, and commit to be successful, but sometimes you just have to go for it. I often refer to living life as “climbing your own mountain”, as if we are each are on our own unique mountain all at different places. Sometimes we are stuck in a rut, sometimes we are camped out at a comfortable site, have a great view and are content; then comes the call to seek higher ground, a better way, but climbing the mountain is daunting. In order to strike out on a new path, a crucial tool is to believe in yourself, adopt a can-do attitude with a willingness to dig deep and persevere when the going gets tough. Tapping into where there’s a will there is a way.

My husband, Jim, has a dream of climbing all 48 of the 4,000 footers in our native White Mountains of New Hampshire. A few years ago, we decided to go up to the “Whites” for a day, hike around Greeley Pond and stay an overnight at a classic mountain motel.

Early on that summer morning, we set out on out on the trail, an easy three-mile hike around the pond which lies off the Kancamagus Highway. We entered the woods in wonderment and glee – giant ferns, moss, pines reaching to the sky held us in amazement. Just a couple hours from home and we were in heaven! Within a short time, we approached a fork on the path, Greeley Pond to the left, the East approach of Mt Osceola, one of the 4,000 footers, to the right. We were so captivated and pumped, we said let’s follow the summit trail and just go as far as we can, we can turn back anytime. We’ll stay on “for as long as it’s good” (which happens to be our wedding vow of 40 years!) and off we went.

We climbed aggressively, switchbacks and steep, rocky terrain challenged us at each turn. We took breaks, rationed our water and then persevered, all the while in wonder of the beauty and magic of the mountain. Then we approached The Chimney… a straight, vertical accent of sheer rock! Now my husband was as fit as a fiddle, a mason by trade he’d spent decades climbing ladders daily, I on the other hand, was digging deep. Jim said “should we turn back?” but the call of the summit was strong, it made me commit to the climb, inch by inch, one foot in front of the other we assented. Truly grueling.  I conquered that chimney, not too smitten, well aware I still had to meet it on the way down. We climbed on, challenged again as we hit a false summit, again digging in, committing to make it to the top. We finally did reach the summit of Mt Osceola, not only to be gifted with a magnificent view, but surprised by the large number of hikers who had chosen the west approach, an old logging road that made for an easy hike. We enjoyed the triumph of making it to the summit, made our way down safely as the sun was setting, a bit beat up and battered but glorified by learning that we had just conquered what is cited as the 4th most difficult of NH’s 4,000 footers.


Dream your dreams.

Climb your mountain.

Dig deep.

Enjoy the spectacular views!

I’d love for you to share the story of climbing your mountain and share your can-do tips!





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